Attic Insulation

Energy Savings Start at the Top.

Call Royal Air at (832) 334-5959 and start saving on heating and cooling costs with high-efficiency attic insulation.

As Houston’s home services leader, our certified air conditioning and heating pros have been in thousands of attics. And the biggest problem we find? You guessed it — not enough insulation. The Department of Energy’s recommended standard is 15 inches of attic insulation, but the majority of homes in our area average only three to five inches. That means up to 20 percent of your air conditioning and heating dollars could, quite literally, be floating away.

But one call to Royal Air  can fix that. Our experienced pros arrive ready to give your home our thorough Home Energy Efficiency Inspection, checking for adequate insulation in attics, walls and crawl spaces; plus we test for energy loss due to radiant heat from your roof, improper attic ventilation, and air leaks around the home.

Based on what we find, your Royal Air conditioning and heating technician will recommend ways to minimize energy loss and make the most of every dollar you spend heating and cooling your home, including:

Adding attic insulation

Improving attic ventilation

Installing radiant heat barriers

Sealing air ducts